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Both Upgrades and New Installs? DVD Necessary?

Please forward this to anyone who might care about this issue and can do
anything about it.  Send replies to debian-cd.

1. Is it possible to have a binary CD #1 (or even a full binary CD set) 
just that is optimal for both upgrades and new installs?  I have seen some
people express a need for one or the other, but no one seems to be
accepting the fact that there is a need for compromise between the two.  I
believe it is very important to work out the answer to this question!  It
may be an unfortunate fact that there is just too much data and it can't
be fit.  Or can this be split across the CD set somehow, with CD #1 for
new installs, and maybe CD#2 for upgrades, and CD#3 for packages needed by
both?  The complexity of this task makes me doubtful of a solution.  What
about multiple architectures?!

2. If there is no way for a given architecture to have a suitable CD set
for both upgrades and new installs, will Debian make two different
official CD sets for that architecture, one for each purpose?

3. If there will be only one official CD set, will it be optimized for
upgrades or new installs?  Either way I think some people will be very
unhappy.  SOMEONE will have to change CDs a lot (probably newbies, since
experienced users will know it is better to just copy all CDs to their
hard drive).

4. Final solution.  If it is not possible to make one CD-set that is
suitable for both upgrades and new installs, and it is too cost
prohibitive to make multiple CD-sets with simply different arrangements of
packages, maybe the only answer is to move decisively toward a DVD

David Manifold <dem@tunes.org> http://bespin.dhs.org/~dem/
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