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Re: Official test-cycle-1 images!


> > Where is the potato-m68k-1.raw?
> It currently fails to build because of a difference between what the
> bootable scripts expect and what is actually in, the m68k boot-floppies.
Argh. I see. It is an autobuild... :)
That's why I make all the CDs by "hand". 

> This is really sad. Weren't the build logs checked before these were
> put on the site and marked "Official"?! Did you even mount the images
> via loopback to make sure they all mounted? Were there no integrity
> checks on this?
In addition I must ask does 684896256 bytes fit on a normal CD? I don't
know what the limits are, because I don't write CDs too often, but some
months ago a windows CD writing software complained about a ~680000000
bytes CD. That was a Mandrake one...

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