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rsync server vanished

Hello, Friend Citizen !

The computer is your friend. The computer wants you to be happy.
Happiness is manditory. Failure to be happy is treason. Traitors
get jobs as reactor shielding.  Are you happy? Good.

Beware, citizen, for there are commie mutant traitors lurking about.
They are big trouble. You, citizen, are a troubleshooter. It's your
job to find trouble, and shoot it. All hail the computer! 

If your security is VIOLET or below, please report for termination now. 

Special dispensation has been granted by the Computer, and no Termination
Voucher is required. 

Your mission is to go to sector http://cdimage.debian.org/potato_pre.html
and find other places of debian cd images.

	debian cd images and the debian mirror were remove
	in favorite of a microsoft windows NT server.

Service with a smile, Citizen!

Have a nice day. 

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