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Info needed on potato i386 bootable binary-only building

Dear friends,
I wish to build bootable, binary only, i386 CD sets for the potato dist

I began with mirroring the least possible subset of the Debian site via

Question 1) What is the minimal set of files to mirror ???

With some help from Raphael Hertzog (Thank you Raphael) and some more
tweaking I got:
(recursive copy)
debian/dists/{slink,potato,woody}/main/disks-i386/ (recursive)
debian/doc/ (recursive)
debian/indices/ (recursive)
debian/README* (non recursive)
debian/tools/ (recursive)

I don't know if it is a bug but even though I want only binary disks, I
must get three files from /debian/dists/slink/main/source/devel/hello*
..... why ???

Question 2) Following Raphael's advice I tried creating my 3 CDs with
the following:
make status
make bin-list
make bin-official_images

Unfortunately the FIRST CD raw image came out of 749.400.064 bytes !!! A
tad too much !!!
Number two approx. right (around 650 MB) and 3 around 350 MB ......

Why does this happen ??

I have now tried to substitute the plain make bin-list with:
make bin-list task=tasks/Debian_potato COMPLETE=0 SIZELIMIT=576716800

but still the first CD image is 656.713.728 ..... this time it fits but
why this dicrepancy ???

Thank you very much. Bob Alexander

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