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Application compatibility with Debian

To whom it may concerm,

I apologize for mailing this to several people; I'm not sure whom to
contact.  My name is James O'Shea and I am one of the software engineers
for Vividata, Inc.  We make Unix image processing software for several
platforms including the Debian Linux distribution.  It has been brought to
our attention that our latest release exhibits some buggy behavior with
your latest release, and we are interested in solving this problem.  Would
it be possible for you to send us a CD of your latest stable distribution?  

If you do not usually handle requests such as this, please provide for me
the email address to which I should write in regard to this matter.  

Thank you,

James O'Shea
Vividata, Inc.
1250 Addison St., Ste. 213A
Berkeley, CA  94702

tel. 510-841-6400 x109
fax  510-841-9661
email:  james.oshea@vividata.com

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