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Re: UPGRADING procedures available - buzz to potato at once!

On Sat, 6 May 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> > So we REALLY need new packages to get a smooth upgrade. I'll inform the porter
> > lists separately as well, since this has VERY high priority.
> You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever done a SPARC
> slink to potato upgrade? I didn't think so. Believe me, I have done A LOT,
> and I have had no problems (atleast none that relate to dpkg or apt).
> So before you go making assumptions and spreading FUD, check your facts
> and ask someone that knows.

Finally. Someone that actually _thinks_ about upgrading. This is what I've
been waiting for since the freeze began. And since no-one did, I had to do it
myself. I'm absolutely no expert in upgrading, I just try to bring some action
in those who are. Which seems to have "some" success...

I know that net-based upgrades are fine, as are upgrades from a mirror on the
local harddisk. But did you actually do upgrades from _a set of CDs_? On
debian-cd@lists we've received several definate reports that apt as shipped
with 2.1r4 can't handle that. Is that incorrect, or doesn't it affect sparc?
Why? How did you do the upgrades? (I.e. maybe I'm trying to do it the wrong
way?) I could use some feedback about the procedures I've described in

  Anne Bezemer

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