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Re: Debian-cd & m68k

> > None of the m68k maintainers is subscribed to this list due to lack of time
> Can we conclude from this that the m68k folks don't really care if
> there's a CD set for your architecture?

No you can't. You can only conclude that the m68k user community doesn't
care, and the handful of m68k maintainers are knee deep in other stuff. 

But I believe this has come up before, and I've explained it in similar
words before. 
> If that's not the case, you should probably find someone that does
> care about m68k CDs, and get them to subscribe to this list
> (i.e. debian-cd).

Nice idea, but (speaking strictly for myself): no time for it. At least
not now, or until some time after June 5. 
> > I think you can simply copy all the files from the boot-floppies
> > directly on CD (exept for Mac which needs some special
> > procedures. Our Mac guru is on a conference...). I did this for a
> > set of CDs and installed sucessfully on an amiga with it. It
> > probably works the same for ataris and vme, for the Mac you might be
> > able to clone the stuff from slink, it might be enough to take care
> > of the new Penguin version and the no longer needed prefs file.
> Is there any chance of someone getting the things you are talking
> about folded into the debian-cd scripts.

I think Nick did at least part of that. Without a local mirror he could
not test it though. 
> If debian-cd doesn't produce valid m68k-CDs, then there will be no
> "Official" CDs for the m86k, or if there are, they'll appear later than
> the other architectures.

>From what I gather (Nick posted some ls -R of the m68k install section
here) debian-cd with Nick's changes will do fine for all subarchs exccept
perhaps Mac. For Mac, we'll have to find a Mac person to look into that,
and I'm not going to be availabe for this until after next week. Not that
I am much of a Mac person either, and I'd like to have a look at the slink
debian-cd script to see what we did there, and why that's not possible

I believe we converted all files that require a Mac resource fork to the 
format mkhybrid expects for the resource forks (I'm not sure which one
it was, AppleDouble or CAP) in a tar archive, and had debian-cd just
unpack that tar archive in the right spot. It's been over a year since the
last release, I've since moved from Berkeley back to Duesseldorf, and my
Berkeley mailbox has vanished so I have no way to be any more specific. 

As a stopgap measure, just placing the Mac booter as binhex encoded file
on the CD would be enough for Mac users to have all files they need. No
need for a hybrid filesystem in this case (though it would be more Mac
friendly), MacOS can mount ISO CDs with some system extension. 

In summary, I don't see a need to hold back the m68k CDs, debian-cd
appears to work with Nicks changes applied. I think we could even do
with plain ISO CDs. And potato definitly was the last release where I ever
touched any m68k Mac stuff. 


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