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UPGRADING procedures available - buzz to potato at once!


Since I've heard nothing whatsoever from _anyone_ (including dpkg and apt
maintainers) about upgrading even slink to potato, which before now was _not_
possible using a CD set(!), I felt forced to do some things myself.

You can find the latest as-official-as-it-gets upgrading procedures at:


I'm claiming that with this, you should be able to upgrade Debian version 1.1
(buzz) directly to 2.2 (potato) in 1 run with minimal manual interference and
only 1 reboot, and 2.0 to 2.2 without reboot.

I've checked this for 1.3.1r0 to 2.1r4 with a 3-CD set, with perfect results.

Everyone out there: please give it more testing -- it's needed!

Porters to alpha, sparc, m68k: you too will need to provide static versions of
apt and dpkg (procedure described at the weblocation above).

Anyone: WE NEED RELEASE-NOTES! My UPGRADING.txt may serve as basis. I myself
am definately NOT going to do that.

  Anne Bezemer

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