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Headless Installation

Hi all !

I just tried to install potato onto an Intel isp1100 19" server.
This servers do not have a VGA card so I have to install it redirecting
the console to the serial port.


I was used to append the following lines to my lilo prompt to redirect
kernel messages to ttyS0 while startup:

	serial=0,9600n8 console=ttyS0,9600

but the Debian install/resccue disks/cds stop loading after a while.

Any suggestions how to install servers without VGA cards ?
Do I need to replace the Kernel on the bootdisks/cds ?

any help welcome :-)


PS: do I need to start a getty on ttyS0 to make use of the console (as I
do at the moment), or is there another need  option to directly control
the server via a serial interface ?

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              Florian Kunkel    F.Kunkel@net-operations.de
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