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Re: Unable to burn ISO image

We have an Adaptec CD-RW CRX100E that we used to burn some CD images just
a few days ago.  We also changed the file name extension to .iso and it
seemed to work.  We were doing it from Windows just as it seems you are.
Attached is a README file that I wrote and put in the same directory as
our images so that I could remember how to do it later!



Instructions for Burning the Debian CD images
		by Glen

There are two ways to do this, one is from Windows, one from Linux.

>From Windows:
	On m431g (Paul's machine), boot to windows (no kidding).
	If you have a CD-RW, and if it isn't blank, you first need to erase it.
		To do this, go Start->Programs->Adaptec DirectCD->CD-RW Eraser
	When it is done erasing, it should eject.  When you push it back in, it should start an Adaptec program that plays some music and asks: "Please select the type of CD you wish to create:".  Select the type that is to create CD's for distribution amoung di
fferent types of computers.  If this program doesn't start, (or if you have strictly a CD-R), simply do Start->Programs->Adaptec Easy CD Creator->Easy CD Creator.
	You should now have a program launched that wants to wizard you.  Kill the wizard (Cancel).
	Now go File->Create CD from Disk Image.
	Now select Network Neighborhood->RM431->cd-images
	Select Files of Type: ISO Image Files (*.iso)
	You should now see the Debian CD image files.
	When you select one, you will get an error message saying that it's worried that you will be able to access the data fast enough because it is over a network.  Laugh and just continue.  Actually, this is an important issue, but with our 100-base T networ
k, as long as the server is not loaded down, we should be okay.  I intentionally performed _very_ disk-intensive activity while doing a network burn, and the buffer did not seem to be affected at all.
	In the resulting window, select:
		General -> Create CD
		Advanced -> Close Disc
	and hit OK!
	That should do it! (after about 35 min ...)

>From Linux:
	Be root and know how to do it.

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Raymond Wood wrote:

> Hello all,
> I downloaded just the first '.raw' file off Mike Bilow's site yesterday 
> (http://debian.bilow.com/debian-cdimage/potato-i386-1.raw).  I used Windows 
> Adaptec Easy CD to burn the CD, and changed the file extension to '.iso' before 
> I did (Easy CD seemed to want this).  Both CD's I burned (I tried twice) appear 
> to be duds; the CD is not recognized on either Windows or Linux systems.  
> I've read so much documentation looking for a solution that my head is
> spinning.  Do I need to use that pseudo-kit with these images (I had
> assumed not) ?  Should I be able to download the 1 '.raw' file and
> boot with that? Or do I need the *.list file too?
> Any suggestions to get me on track would be really appreciated.  I've
> burned a few CDs before, but never messed with ISO images - there seems
> to be something simple I'm just not getting...
> Many thanks in advance,
> Raymond
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Glen W. Mabey

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