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Hi all,

I have finished testing the next APT version. Thanks to Paul Wade this
version has been tested alot against his CD set and works considerably
better than all past versions.

Richard: This version also contains the tested fix for the RC bug against
APT, it also fixes about 13 other 'normal' level cosmetic bugs.

Now, it seems to me that given the number of bugs with the older versions
that nobody is testing installation/upgrade from CD! This has to be done
before we release potato just to make sure everything is going to work! I
will be available to field reports about how APT performs doing installs
from CD.

Ben: Can you release a new version targetted at potato ASAP, everyone
else, my compile is at:

Debian-CD people: For the next testing cycle can you get ISOs ASAP? I can
arrange to have them widely distributed from sourceforge, saens and
samosa - their combined bandwidth should easially handle wide spread


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