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More on Bootable Business Card CD's

"Brooks R. Robinson" wrote:
> Hey!
>         Okay, so let me answer my own question (Duh, use a search engine)!  I found
> that the lowest price for 50MB CDRs is at
> http://www.cardiscs.com/buscarcdr.html.  Can't wait to get them.

I've experimented with these cdbcs recently and a lot of burners are
pretty temperamental about burning to them.

I was able to burn them from a Sony Spressa Firewire drive at home
(don't have a model number handy) but I had to do that from MacOS.

My HP SureStore 6020 here at work won't burn to business cards, and
neither would the Ricoh CD-RW MP 6200s in the office down the hall.

I tried 4 other burners that didn't work here on campus in the Computer
Science building before I went home and had a successful burn with the

BTW, I'm making this sound worse than it was - the machines that
wouldn't burn wouldn't even start, so at least they didn't coaster the

I'd like to suggest that if anyone tries to burn one of the BC size
blanks, that they please post the results here.

Joe Block <jpb@creol.ucf.edu>
CREOL System Administrator

Social graces are the packet headers of everyday life.

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