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Re: Attempted upgrade

[I read debian-cd, no need to Cc: me ;-)]

On Sat, 27 May 2000, Philip Charles wrote:

> I have just finished repairing my system after testing the upgrade system
> as one would expect it would be done by someone using CDs for this
> purpose. 

Thanks a lot! The problem (at least, I think...) was that update-alternatives
(which is in the static dpkg package) was a /usr/local/bin/perl (!!!) script.
I don't know how this could have happened (didn't compile myself), but
Raphaels version which is now in upgrade-i386/ does just have /usr/bin/perl,
as it should be. Same for install-info.

So, you may try again with the "new" dpkg package; this shouldn't break. (At
least, not on those points ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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