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Re: now mirroring official cd test images

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> since there are official test images, i suppose it´s
> better to mirror these than provide my own daily build.
> right now i´m rsyncing i386 and source, later i will
> build some of the other archs with pseudo image kit
> and add them to the debian-cd directory.

"the official cd images look very strange.
 back to home grown unofficial ones."

The official test-cycle-1 i386 and source are all right. (If not, feedback is
very welcome!) M68k bin-1 is "unmakeable" at the moment; powerpc bin-1 is just
slightly too large but it'll fit on most CD-Rs (74 min 18 sec; but don't use
an "intelligent" burning program ;-). 

  Anne Bezemer

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