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Re: Application compatibility with Debian

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Jamie O'Shea wrote:

> To whom it may concerm,
> I apologize for mailing this to several people; I'm not sure whom to
> contact.  My name is James O'Shea and I am one of the software engineers
> for Vividata, Inc.  We make Unix image processing software for several
> platforms including the Debian Linux distribution.  It has been brought to
> our attention that our latest release exhibits some buggy behavior with
> your latest release, and we are interested in solving this problem.  Would
> it be possible for you to send us a CD of your latest stable distribution?  

In case no-one responds: if you have enough bandwidth, you can easily download
the CD images and burn CDs yourself, check http://cdimage.debian.org

Also, Debian CDs are available for very low prices from many distributors, see

  Anne Bezemer

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