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Re: Info needed on potato i386 bootable binary-only building

On 12-May-2000 J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> On Fri, 12 May 2000, Robert J. Alexander wrote:
>> I have now tried to substitute the plain make bin-list with:
>> make bin-list task=tasks/Debian_potato COMPLETE=0 SIZELIMIT=576716800
>> but still the first CD image is 656.713.728 ..... this time it
fits but
>> why this dicrepancy ???
> Not sure, but it might well be that SIZELIMIT only counts the _packages_ on
> the CD, and not e.g. doc/ and disks-i386/ (quite huge).

The SIZELIMIT=576716800 does not include the boot-disks, 
or the documentation.

656.713.728 is the size of the file on your disk, not necessairaly
the ammount of data in the image.  Watch cdrecord when you
burn the disk it will tell you the size of the first track.

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