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Re: Debian-cd & m68k

First off, thanks to Nick for taking care of this!

> > I've found a couple of hours to fix some of the m68k issues with debian-cd.
> Great!
> > I've not tried to build any images with it (I don't have a complete mirror)
> > but the install directory is now created and populated and the correct boot
> > file and mkisofs options have been put in place. There are probably still
> > issues with the Mac files as I've neglected to use any Mac magic to copy
> > them. The layout of the install directory is as follows:
> > 
> Looks good for amiga I would say, probably also for atari, but we have to
> wait for Michael to come back to get something definite. The mac files from
> the boot-floppies are there, I don't know what has to be changed for the
> CDs, again Michael has the final word here.

I haven't even left yet :-) 

What I saw was OK: the booter present as .hqx file, that's enough for now.
If anyone of the Mac users here is experienced with using mhybrid, please
have a look at the debian-cd script and suggest what changes need to be
made, and in what format (AppeDouble, CAP) the booter and the Penguin
Colors file need to be presented to mkhybrid to make them appear as 
unpacked valid Mac files on the HFS partition. If no solution can be
found, we'll stick to the .hqx files. Still better than giving the URL for
downloading :-) 


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