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Re: Official test-cycle-1 images!

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Mike Bilow wrote:

> All I can tell you is that real CDs burned for real users have been
> reported to fail on their hardware as we make the images larger.  By the
> time you get to 650 MB (680e6 bytes), the failure rate is almost 50%.  
> This has proven true across different users, different media vendors, and
> different writers.
> I think that the limit of 639631360 (610 MB) which was in the debian-cd
> package previously was fairly solid, although perhaps overly conservative.  
> If this makes the difference between going to a fourth CD or not, then I
> can see worrying about this.  However, if there would be four CDs anyway,
> then I think we may as well be conservative on the image sizes.
> The only real advantage I can see to making the image sizes as large as
> possible is that I have noticed a number of people download only the first
> bootable CD and then use the network for the rest of the installation.  
> Under no circumstances, however, do I think it would be wise to have the
> images exceed 640 MB (671e6), which is where things seem to start to fall
> off the cliff in terms of reliability.
Some iso image sizes for other distributions.
Caldera 2.4	657198 KB	641.8 MB
Slackware 7.0	651758 KB	636.5 MB
Storm 1.4	648170 KB	633.0 MB
SuSE 6.4	659932 KB	644.5 MB

When it comes to buying CDs, people have been conditioned to buying one
disc and expect it to be fully functional without recourse to the net.  If
they purchase a second CD it will probably be another distribution.

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