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Re: please help me to download the cd-image

On Mon, 1 May 2000, [gb2312] Jim Zh wrote:

> Sir.
>   I'm a chinese linux fan.
>   when i want to download the Debian offical cd form
> internet.
> it has some trouble to me.
>   First I download the pseudo-image-kit-2.0 frome net
> and tar it under turbo linux.
>  Then I get the list file:binary-i386-1.list from
> URL:http://www.uk.debian.org/debian-cd/cd-images
> but I find the real URL I get is
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cd-images/
> and I select the directory :current/i386 I get the
> file binary-i386-1.list
> So I run make-pseudo-image bianry-i386-1.list
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian
> I get about 550MB file,then it stop.I find i have
> about 100 file error.

This is correct, and explained in the README. The FTP sites are at version
2.1r5-6, while the CD images are still at 2.1r4. So everything that has
changed since the CD images were made, is no longer present on the FTP sites,
but still "needed" for the pseudo-image. However, this is not fatal. You can
just go ahead with the rsync command, and rsync will fetch all missing things
directly from the CD image on the rsync server. Of course this isn't very
efficient, but still the best way to get the images.

  Anne Bezemer

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