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test-cycle-1 CD's debian-cd diff

Here's an annotated diff of what I did to build the test-cycle-1 CDs:


The annotations are prefixed with '%' so you can get the plain diff
back with:

  grep -q '^%' debian-cd.test-cycle-1.diff

The main points are:

  the SIZELIMIT1 setting was being ignored for some reason (it seems
  that the way the makefile was trying to pass them on wasn't working.

  Having @ in front of every command makes debugging painful.  I've replaced
  them with $(Q) so you can switch debugging on/off with Q=@ at the top

  build_all.sh should have ``set -x'' so it bails out if one of the makes

  I added Philip Charles' first CD "needed" list, and added ssh &
  gnupg to it, and put an inclusion for it into the tasks list above
  the language tasks.  Does that seem like the right place to put it?

  I put Anne's upgrade-i386 directory in place on my mirror, and made
  the i386 upgrade.sh use it.  (the static binaries should probably be
  generated by their respective maintainers, to prevent version skew
  beween the main archive and the static versions --- is this likely
  to happen, or do we need someone to maintain the upgrade directories
  separately ?)

And there's one thing I'd like to see changed, but am not familiar
enough with the code:

  The build process displays the size used for the base system.

  Can this number not be used to calculate SIZELIMIT1 on the fly, so that
  I never get grief for generating CDs over 650MB again, and we don't have
  to limit all architectures just because one has a large base system.

Cheers, Phil.

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