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Re: debian .raw cd format

Yes, they are ISO files.  The '*.raw' names are what is output by the
debian-cd package, so this is a de facto standard for Debian.  You can
rename them '*.iso' after they arrive on your end if your CD writing
software needs this.  We use cdrecord under Linux and Adaptec Easy CD
Creator under Windows, and both work perfectly with these files.

Note that the files on DEBIAN.BILOW.COM are NOT the official test images
for Potato; these are simply daily autobuilds from the live mirror.  If
you want to do Potato testing with the official images, you should get

-- Mike

On 2000-05-25 at 23:40 -0500, Vinay Gopal Balamuru wrote:

> does anyone know whether the .raw files of the test release of potato
> debian linux are actually .iso files (my cd writer program needs to
> have an .iso file) the site is http://debian.bilow.com/potato-iso-US/ but
> the images are all named *.iso.
> i know i could use the rsync but i have access to a fast line so
> therefore ..
> mail me if you have done this succesfully before 

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