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please help me to download the cd-image

  I'm a chinese linux fan.
  when i want to download the Debian offical cd form
it has some trouble to me.
  First I download the pseudo-image-kit-2.0 frome net
and tar it under turbo linux.
 Then I get the list file:binary-i386-1.list from
but I find the real URL I get is
and I select the directory :current/i386 I get the
file binary-i386-1.list
So I run make-pseudo-image bianry-i386-1.list

I get about 550MB file,then it stop.I find i have
about 100 file error.
when i check it .i find the file not found at the URL.
like the file admin/adjtimex_1.6-2.deb
it was because it has a file named
adjtimex_1.6-2.2.deb at the

so I cannot get it.

Sir,I thought maybe I get the wrong list file.It looks
like for debian 2.1-r4
but how can I get the right List file .or you can give
the URL.let me download the 2.1-r4.

I and my friend live in china .We want use debian
because we heard that it is real GNU/Linux
but know we have trouble to get it.
Please help we.

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