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Re: The first CD

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

    Philip> It is a question of ordering priorities.  Newbies do installs.  When
    Philip> people do upgrades they usually experienced, at least they are not
    Philip> newbies.  So ensuring that everything needed for an install is on the
    Philip> first CD is helping the people who need it most, newbies.  First priority.

    Philip> Upgrades are better catered for - second priority.  Running dselect after
    Philip> the newbie install installed textex et al, emacs, task-debian-devel, a
    Philip> mass of development packages and not all of these were on the first CD and
    Philip> "needed" is made up mainly of these packages.

 For this reason I think we really really ought to get `console-apt'
 into Potato.  Wow, it sure is nice compared to `dselect'!

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