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Re: Debian-cd & m68k

Michael Schmitz <schmitz@opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:
> As a stopgap measure, just placing the Mac booter as binhex encoded file
> on the CD would be enough for Mac users to have all files they need. No
> need for a hybrid filesystem in this case (though it would be more Mac
> friendly), MacOS can mount ISO CDs with some system extension. 

I have a mac68k, but without a CD-ROM, so I'm afraid I can't really
help here. I just wanted to mention that there are quite a few Macs
without a CD-ROM out there, and for those it's actually helpful to
have the Mac booter as a BinHex file on an ISO CD. This way the booter
& root disk can easily be copied via diskette or Ethernet from a
nearby PC or workstation. If the booter is on the CD in native Mac
format, I doubt that a PC (without HFS kernel support or hfsutils) can
read the booter in a format MacOS can make sense of.

So, I think that what you propose is not just a stopgap measure but
actually the right thing.


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