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RE: Linux v. Microsoft MD5SUMS

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Mark wrote:

> The problem is that under MSDog/Windoze md5sum is calculating the 
> MD5SUM on the .exe as if it was a text file, where as Linux 
> recognizes that it is a binary file and calculates the binary hash.
> force msdog to calculate the binary hash with -b eg.
> MD5SUM -b md5sum.exe
> 799812dfc33eeeb8c28d53b7469f7197 *md5sum.exe

Actually, you _should_ not have to do that. I remember choosing this
particular `md5sum.exe' because it gave me always binary-mode output - just
like the Linux version. (It's compiled under cygwin, the "Linux layer" for

It's also strange that I only now get this report, while the Pseudo-Image Kit
has been used for a long time by a great many people, on all sorts of
platforms. So I have some suspicions that it's a problem with your platform,
rather than with the "stock" md5sum.exe. You don't happen to have a
CYGWIN=textmode setting (DOS `set' command)?

Maybe later today I can investigate things further (I don't usually boot into
Win95 ;-).

  Anne Bezemer

> On 25 May 2000, Brooks R. Robinson wrote:
> > Under Windows NT Workstation, I get:
> > a75c7207e00a30f97a3cc4107fc5d88e  md5sum.exe
> > 
> > Under an i386 Potato box I get:
> > 799812dfc33eeeb8c28d53b7469f7197  md5sum.exe

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