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Everyone please compile a static apt & dpkg ;-)

Hi everyone!

I need some help from registered Debian developers[*] to compile static
versions of apt and dpkg (potato/i386), to facilitate upgrades. The more
static versions, the better!
(Well, I just need them soon, so don't discuss first, Just Do It ;-)

You can do this on any potato box that has the necessary devel pkgs installed
(AFAIK master has).

1. Fetch sources:
  wget http://incoming.debian.org/apt_0.3.19.tar.gz
  wget http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/potato/main/source/base/dpkg_1.6.12.99.tar.gz

2. Follow (easy!) instructions on:

3. Make an md5sums file with checksums of the constructed .deb files:
  md5sum *.deb > MD5SUMS

4. Sign the MD5SUMS file with your GPG/PGP key[*].

5. Put the packages & signed MD5SUMS on some HTTP/FTP site or mail them
   directly to me.

Thanks in advance!

  Anne Bezemer

[*] This is needed, because ftpmasters won't install unsigned things, and
    I'm not a developer myself...

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