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Re: The first CD

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> Okay, this is interesting, but not complete. A major portion of getting
> good CD swaps is upgrades as well. Due to the complex set of dependencies
> you often need a *pair* of library packages (think libfoo and libfoo-dev,
> libfoo1 and libfoo1g, etc, etc) to be installed at once. These pairs
> really must be on the same disc, if at all possible. This does not really
> effect new installs very much.

It is a question of ordering priorities.  Newbies do installs.  When
people do upgrades they usually experienced, at least they are not
newbies.  So ensuring that everything needed for an install is on the
first CD is helping the people who need it most, newbies.  First priority.

Upgrades are better catered for - second priority.  Running dselect after
the newbie install installed textex et al, emacs, task-debian-devel, a
mass of development packages and not all of these were on the first CD and
"needed" is made up mainly of these packages. Even if some of the
above were installed in the crass newbie install of selecting every
meta-package in sight, there was an extra 100+MB of HDD space taken up. 
All this is achieved by using about 500 MB on the first CD.  Then
popularity-contest fills up the rest of the CD space. Let us hope that
what most people want to upgrade is there. 


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