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Re: Official test-cycle-1 images!

We can reliably burn up to 700 MB and read this back on the writer.  We
find that all readers can cope with 619 MB, and nearly all readers can
cope with up to 640 MB although a few older ones have trouble.  I would
say about 10% of readers will fail on the high (outside) area at 640 MB,
being unable to read the last few MB.  If we write disks to 650 MB, almost
half of readers will experience some errors.  By the time we write all the
way out to 700 MB, only a writer seems to be able to read all the data.

Here's what my autobuilt images look like:

potato-i386-1.raw       23-May-2000 18:49   628M
potato-i386-1.raw.list  23-May-2000 18:59    82k
potato-i386-2.raw       23-May-2000 18:54   621M
potato-i386-2.raw.list  23-May-2000 18:59    95k
potato-i386-3.raw       23-May-2000 18:58   621M
potato-i386-3.raw.list  23-May-2000 18:59    89k
potato-i386-4.raw       23-May-2000 18:59   153M
potato-i386-4.raw.list  23-May-2000 18:59    17k

Of, if you prefer exact byte counts:

658782208 2000/05/23 18:49:38 potato-i386-1.raw
    83644 2000/05/23 18:59:37 potato-i386-1.raw.list
651667456 2000/05/23 18:54:11 potato-i386-2.raw
    97199 2000/05/23 18:59:44 potato-i386-2.raw.list
651014144 2000/05/23 18:58:24 potato-i386-3.raw
    91556 2000/05/23 18:59:51 potato-i386-3.raw.list
160092160 2000/05/23 18:59:29 potato-i386-4.raw
    17202 2000/05/23 18:59:53 potato-i386-4.raw.list

So, as far as I can see, I would need to add an average of about 50 MB to
each disk in order to eliminate the fourth disk, so there is nothing to be
gained from making the first three disks larger if I still need a fourth.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-23 at 16:14 -0700, Jim Westveer wrote:

> Humm, I am so easilly confuzed, What exactly is failing 
> for you when iso images are > 619 MB ???
> Being a glutton for punishment, I made a potato-i386 cd, 
> using debian-cd from todays CVS, that includes Ben's patch
> for SIZELIMIT1 .  It creates an iso image of this size:
> 681334784 May 23 07:18 potato-i386-1.raw
* * *
> If you are having trouble burning cd's greater than 619MB 
> and you are getting a "falure rate of 50%"  I am wondering
> what exactly is failing for you the burn, or reading the burned CD?
> You might want to check your media, or hardware.  I don't think
> the problem is with debian-cd.  I have noticed that "GOLD" CDR's
> when used in older CD/ROM readers, sometimes are not readable,
> where Silver CDR's are

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