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Re: Mass install / Autoinstall (Was: Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.)

[Trimmed extraneous debian-isp and debian-dpkg cc:'s, hope that's enough]

On Thu, 18 May 2000, Chris Wagner wrote:

> At 09:55 PM 5/17/00 -0700, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> > copy everything from the master drive to the copy, then run the
> > appropriate Lilo command to make that copy bootable.  You can then
> > mount it in another machine and it's ready to go.  You have to filter
> > some things out when you copy.  See below.
> You can't do that, I've tried it before.  Lilo can't be installed on any
> secondary disk.  Don't ask me why because I don't know.  There's a HOWTO
> about it.

Here's a URL that explains how to install LILO onto a drive other than the
boot drive.  Use the poorly documented features of lilo, "disk=" and

"Installing hdc to Boot as hda and Using bios="

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