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Re: Attempted upgrade from 1.3.1

On Tue, 30 May 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> Should be solvable easily with mkdir /etc/rcS.d and then apt again.
> You can of course also do this _before_ starting the upgrade. Must go in the
> docs sometime.
Did this.  SUCCESS!!!!  Upgraded from 1.3.1

Kicking myself for not starting script, but not realy needed.  Discs 2
and 3 inserted once each.

apt-get dist-upgrade fell over two times.  dpkg --configure -a was then
run until it fell over.  Then back to apt-get dist-upgrade until it fell
over again etc, to completion.  A good result considering the upgrade
skipped two releases.

dpkg --audit was run and it was clean.

I am about to write some simple 'cook-book' documentation which will be
part of the booklet which goes with my Debian CDs.  Would you like to look
at this?


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Mobile 025 267 9420.  I sell GNU/Linux CDs.   See http://www.copyleft.co.nz

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