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Re: Credit Card CD

On Thu, 18 May 2000, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> Has anyone done modifications yet to the debian-cd package in order to do
> a Credit Card Size CD that can install debian?
> Credit Card CDs can contain <50MB but the debian-cds have a minimum size
> of ~100MB for the "standard" system.
> Maybe the following would accomplish a reduction:
> 1. Cut down on files for diskimages and documentation. Only provide one
> set of images needed to boot from CD plus loadlin to load it from dos.
> Remove tools directory.
> 2. Do not include .debs that are already included in the base system on
> disk 1
> 3. Do not include all standard system debs by default on CD1 but allow
> Tasks_XXX to be specified.
If you use debian-cd to produce the disc-tree for the first CD then it is
a simple matter to remove what is not needed before the iso image is
created.  images-1.20 is ~22 MB and could be removed, and then images-1.44
which is ~35 MB could be pruned.  Several other directories could be
treated in the same way.


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