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Recent CD built from CVS

I built a Intel potato CD based on debian-cd from CVS not too long ago
(about a week) and had a couple of observations:

1. (The only bug I could see.)  The READMEs are written with Unix
linefeed conventions, and Windows didn't do a good job of displaying
them in Notepad.  I know slink-cd didn't have this problem.  Maybe I
missed a step or something.

2. I like the "tasks" setup.  I was able to compile a list of what I
needed much more easily than with slink-cd.  (In fact, I used updated
popularity-contest data, then added task-python-dev and the "needed"
file someone posted here [or -boot] recently.)

I haven't been able to install anything with it yet, since the machine
I have available has a non-functioning floppy drive and a half-assed
Mitsumi CD-ROM (custom controller) that it can't boot from.  Once I
swap out the disk drive I may be able to get closer to somewhere...

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