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Re: Need to customize installation flags passed to dbootstrap

On Sun, 21 May 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> > There needs to be some setting in CONF.sh
> > 
> > INSTALL_OPTIONS="cdrom kbd=us"
> > 
> > Those options need to be worked into the dos batch that invokes loadlin as
> > well as configured on the boot image (This could be tricky and involve
> > loopback mounts of boot image???)
> Check the boot-sparc script. I do this already for the sparc bootable CD.
> If you can test it and be sure it works for i386, then by all means, take
> advantage of it. That's the whole reason I added support for this into
> dbootstrap.

What you did is just do an "append=cdrom". I would like to have the
options for dbootstrap configurable in CONF.sh

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