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Unable to burn ISO image

Hello all,

I downloaded just the first '.raw' file off Mike Bilow's site yesterday 
(http://debian.bilow.com/debian-cdimage/potato-i386-1.raw).  I used Windows 
Adaptec Easy CD to burn the CD, and changed the file extension to '.iso' before 
I did (Easy CD seemed to want this).  Both CD's I burned (I tried twice) appear 
to be duds; the CD is not recognized on either Windows or Linux systems.  

I've read so much documentation looking for a solution that my head is
spinning.  Do I need to use that pseudo-kit with these images (I had
assumed not) ?  Should I be able to download the 1 '.raw' file and
boot with that? Or do I need the *.list file too?

Any suggestions to get me on track would be really appreciated.  I've
burned a few CDs before, but never messed with ISO images - there seems
to be something simple I'm just not getting...

Many thanks in advance,

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