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Re: Getting .list files for potato (was FW: Burning Potato CD)

On Wed, 10 May 2000, George A. Dowding wrote:

> Has anyone been able to generate the .list files themselves using the
> method recomended on this page:
>        http://cdimage.debian.org/potato_pre.html ?
> Here is what the page says.
>        If are no .list files, you can make them yourself easily
>        (Windows: also see below)[sic]  
>     1) Start rsync-download of the image (without pseudo-image). 
>     2) Watch the downloaded file, let it grow to about 2 MB. 
>     3) Copy the first 2 MB of the downloaded image to a temporary file. 
>     4) Stop the rsync command, this will remove the downloaded file,
>        but your copy is still there.  
>     5) Run pi-makelist on the copied 2 MB, which is all it needs (also
>        see the README), and thus make your 
>        own .list file. 
>     6) Now use make-pseudo-image in the usual way. 
> When I tried the rsync I did not see any file being generated even
> though I waited a long time and have a fast connection.  Does
> rsync hide the file it is building up somewhere else?

If you use --progress in the rsync command, you should see a rapidly
increasing number, which is the #bytes currently received. If you don't see
that, there's something wrong with either your rsync command or the server. 
If a there IS a progress indicator, then the image is being built in a
dot-file (e.g. ".binary-i386-1.raw"). 

  Anne Bezemer

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