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Final Debian-cd, porters, ...

Le Mon, May 01, 2000 at 01:00:20AM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz écrivait:
> Since no one replied, I've just gone ahead and committed to CVS.

Sorry, I hadn't seen your message (or I forgot to reply I can't remember).
But you've done right ... porters please, commit whatever changes you need
in order to build good CD.

But please, next time, take care to commit only changes needed for other
arches support, here you changed CONF.sh to your local configuration, 
and you replaced make official_images by make bin-official_images in
build.sh ...

If you need, you can also add those documentation files (they will get
automatically included) :
- data/potato/README.$arch
- data/potato/README.1ST.$arch

Porters, you can modify those files without asking :
- tools/boot/potato/boot-$arch
- the doc files mentionned above

I'd like also that someone take care of writing a good
data/potato/README.multicd. And what about the Release Notes ? Are they
already in the mirror ?

And I urge anyone to do so. I'd like to release the final debian-cd into
potato ASAP. Can each arch confirm if they have good CD or not ?

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