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Re: Attempted upgrade from 1.3.1

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Philip Charles wrote:

> I downloaded upgrade-i386 again and noticed the dpkg had changed.
> 1.3.1 was installed on the no. 2 system.  At this stage it is only being
> used for upgrade testing.
> The static dpkg and apt were installed, fstab & sources.list were
> modified.
> apt-cdrom add, apt-get update, apt-get --simulate dist-upgrade all OK.
> apt-get -f -u dist-upgrade started well then fell over.  The log.

/etc/rcS.d doesn't exist, and the libc6 package doesn't depend on the package
that provides it, namely sysvinit. The nice thing is that sysvinit pre-depends
on libc6 ;-)  Obviously the libc6 maintainer didn't ever try to upgrade from

Should be solvable easily with mkdir /etc/rcS.d and then apt again.
You can of course also do this _before_ starting the upgrade. Must go in the
docs sometime.

  Anne Bezemer

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