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Contents for potato/main/upgrade-i386


This may seem a little weird request, but as I'm not (yet) a Debian developer,
I can't do it any other way (or can I?).

As posted to -devel, I've been looking into upgrading procedures, with very
promising results.

Basically, my work is the _only_ way to do upgrades from a CD set (on -cd
we've received multiple reports that other ways of upgrading require quite
some magic from very experienced users).

It's obvious that this must go on the CDs of the first test cycle, since
otherwise only new installs can be tested, and not upgrades. My work can't
break anything in the archive, since it's not really a part of it.

Therefore, speaking for the CD team, I ask you to create a directory


with contents found in


Please tell me when it's done, or if there are any problems.

Porters to other architectures have been informed; when ports become
available, I'll put them on my site and send you another request.

  Anne Bezemer

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