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Re: The first CD


On 15 May 2000, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

>  Are you planning to check that in to CVS?  I'd like to try and burn a
>  CD tomorrow.

	I don't have upload priviledges, but the hack is v. easy.  

Put needed in  ../tasks directory of debian-cd

Edit the Debian_potato file so that it reads


/* Comment 
 * This file will be used to build official complete set of Potato CD

/* The potato CD set does now use empty package called task-*
   to select the packages in the initial installation */



#include <needed>
/* List of packages that may still fit on the first CD */
#include <popularity-contest>

/* Other packages to put on the others CDs */


" #include <needed> "  is the addition.  If you want, you can add lprng,
gs, magicfilter, libpaperg and gsfonts to needed and they will go onto the
first CD.


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