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Re: initial modconf fails

Each individual mirror maintainer has a different system for building the
test CDs.  My expectation is that official test images will be available
once they exist. :)

For the time being, you will have to make do with what we can build.  If
there is a .list file with the first CD, you should be able to find out
easily which version of boot floppies is included on the CD by downloading
about 100 KB instead of 650 MB.

The unofficial test images we autobuild every day are made from a current
mirror that should never be more than 24 hours behind, and we are
definitely on the latest (2.2.13, 2000-05-04) boot floppies.  You can see
both the test CD images and the mirror from which they were built:


We are currently building only the i386 binary CD images, but that is what
we need internally and we just make them available publicly.  Our images
may vary somewhat from anyone else's images, since (a) I hand-patched a
little bit of debian-cd to solve a problem that Raphael Hertzog later told
me was fixed in CVS, and (b) I change the SIZELIMIT1 manually to take
account of each different boot-floppies version so that the first CD comes
out to a reasonable size.  (For boot floppies 2.2.13, the magic number I
am using happens to be 531408896.)

Of course, we cannot provide the non-US pieces since we are in the US.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-19 at 02:26 -0000, Florian Kunkel wrote:

> ... dists/potato/main/disks-i386/2.2.12-2000-04-26
* * *
> does that mean the images on cdimage.debian.org aren't latest and were
> not updated since 2000-04-28 ?!?
> does that furhter mean the distribution available via ftp (and mirrors)
> was not updated with this new disk-images between 2000-04-28 and the
> following 2-3 weeks - even worse, the older working images were removed
> from the archives ?

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