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ARM support in debian-cd => need help !

Hello people,

it looks like ARM should release with potato, if you have working boot
floppies, you should also have bootable CDs ... in order to achieve that
I need an ARM porter to help me with debian-cd. There's isn't much to do
but someone must do it & test it.

debian-cd is in CVS (/cvs/boot-floppies/debian-cd), you should provide us
a file tools/boot/potato/boot-arm. You can look at what had to be done for
other arches ... it may help you. Feel free to ask any question ...

You're authorized to commit this file as soon as you've written it. :)
You may also write some arch specific documentation in
data/potato/README.arm & data/potato/README.1ST.arm (they will get
automatically included).

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