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Re: Debian-cd & m68k

"Christian T. Steigies" <cts@master.debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> this mail never reached the intended audiance. The m68k list is called
> debian-68k (note the missing m). The m68k-build list might even be more
> suitable.

I seem to remember this happening before, more than once.

Perhaps setting up an alias for debian-m68k@l.d.o that goes to someone
that might be interested would be a good idea.

> None of the m68k maintainers is subscribed to this list due to lack of time

Can we conclude from this that the m68k folks don't really care if
there's a CD set for your architecture?

If that's not the case, you should probably find someone that does
care about m68k CDs, and get them to subscribe to this list
(i.e. debian-cd).

> I think you can simply copy all the files from the boot-floppies
> directly on CD (exept for Mac which needs some special
> procedures. Our Mac guru is on a conference...). I did this for a
> set of CDs and installed sucessfully on an amiga with it. It
> probably works the same for ataris and vme, for the Mac you might be
> able to clone the stuff from slink, it might be enough to take care
> of the new Penguin version and the no longer needed prefs file.

Is there any chance of someone getting the things you are talking
about folded into the debian-cd scripts.

If debian-cd doesn't produce valid m68k-CDs, then there will be no
"Official" CDs for the m86k, or if there are, they'll appear later than
the other architectures.

Cheers, Phil.

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