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2.2.8-2000-03-09 vs. SPARCstation 1+ 2.2.8 no go on Sparc IPX alt F1 -> alt F6 and X windows sun4c image to test... audio libs configuration auric.. Re: Automounter logging bad magic number, or ignorance? Base ISO for sparc potato available Bootable sparc potato ??? help needed. booting problems w/ potato on sparcstation IPX (sun4c) Booting the installation system Re: Browser for sparc/linux... bug 55658 - xpdf miscompile on sparc Re: Bug#60663: gfontview: gfontview 0.3.2-2 depends on t1lib0, which has been superseded by t1lib1 Buggy old PROMs CDROM Problems Sun CD+ CDU-561(& others?)512 vrs 2048 bytes Compiling a kernel compiling linux 2.2.14 on ultra1 [ alt-ctrl-F[1-6] strange behaviour on Ultra1] [ [ alt-ctrl-F[1-6] strange behaviour on Ultra1]] [ /var/log/auth.log errors] Debian/Sparc on UltraSparc e450 disappearance of libdb1.85; bug reporting on debian-sparc exim in potato for sparc FAQlist? frozen install IPX using dhcp frozen install on classic funky drive size? Hardware compatibility... heavy volume ftp problem how are y'all making bootfloppies? How to change the X server resolution? ICL DRS 6000 IPC/IPX test floppy, please try IPC problems keyboard problem Kudos Ldconfig segfaults [ Bug#60871: exim_3.12-6.deb depends on libdb1.85, a non-existent package] Nearly sounds ok need bootable Sparc CD NIS+ Client Support Available / libpam_unix help needed nis client won't work... non-iso-8859-1 boot floppies Offtopic - Hardware hacks... potato boot-disk broken potato kernel patch on SS5? Re: Problem Installing on Sparc5 problems installing sendmail Re: problems installing sendmail : extended... RE Reiserfs? running SunOS4 binaries SMP problems? Sound on IPC in Debian 2.1 ... SPARCbook 3GX Sparc install w/out framebuffer? RE: Sparc IPX SparcServer stops install with Watchdog Reboot SS5/170 and Debian does it run at all? Re: SS5/170 hanging with 2.2.14 kernel sun4c floppy boot images status Sun4d installation successful SunServer install? archivum? [TEST](potato): 2.2.10 boot-floppies and mini-ISO TFTPbooting potato? Ultra 1 Creator and Frozen unstable at high traffic Re: Want some info on what SparcServer1000 is Re: Weitek Power uP Processor The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 196 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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