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Re: How to change the X server resolution?

> > 1) How can I tell which is the framebuffer on my IPX? As far as I know, it
> > could be either a CG3 (unaccelerated) or a CG6 (accelerated). But I have
> > no more information.
> You could try:
> cat /proc/fb

This does not exist, while cat /proc/openprom/fb gives: "ffec17a4". The
plot thickens... :-)

> > 2) Installing Xsun24 instead of Xsun could improve the server response
> > and/or reliability?
> I believe the CG6 and CG3 are both 8 bit frame buffers.  I know the CG6 is.
> You cannot use Xsun24 with an 8 bit fb.

Well, the Xsun manpage states that Xsun24 supports the 8-bit framebuffers
that Xsun supports. My question is whether the Xsun24 support is better
than that of the plain Xsun server.


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