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Re: Buggy old PROMs

Hi all,

Ben Collins wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 22, 2000 at 10:57:32AM +0100, Pierre Roussel wrote:
> > Si, si, le 22 mar, Jakub Jelinek a vraiment ecrit:
> >
> > >
> > > Where is the partition with /etc/silo.conf and kernel located on the
> > disk?
> > > If it crosses the magic boundary 1GB from start of the disk or is
> > above it,
> > > then you really cannot do that with old PROMs.
> > > Installer should make sure the /boot partition or / if no /boot
> > partition is
> > > present is located completely below 1GB.
> > > Only PROM in Ultra boxes is able to read from anywhere on the disk...
> >
> > My / partition which contains /etc and /boot has a size of 2GB.
> > If I create a little /boot partition at the beginning of the disk, will
> > it work ?
> Yes, it will work.

But don't forget to put the silo.conf file INSIDE the /boot partition.
In my SS4 I put a symlink from /etc/silo.conf to /boot/silo.conf, which
is the real deal. The reason for that is that silo, unlike lilo, reads
silo.conf at boot time, not at "silo instalation" time. At silo
instalation time it only records the position of the second stage boot
loader (which should also be below 1GB, inside /boot) and of silo.conf.
It also means that, unlike lilo, you don't have to run silo every time
you change silo.conf, only if you move the file around. That also
implies that you should put inside /boot all boot sectors of other
operating systems you want to boot, and that are referenced by your
silo.conf, or more generally, all files silo might need at boot time.

	[]'s Leo

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