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Re:Booting the installation system

>Hi all,
>now when I get to the lilo prompt and hit enter, it starts up, goes
>through a few devices and then gets to the scsi disk.
>after it detects the disk it says this;
>esp0: resetting bus...
>esp0: disconnect, resetting bus  
>esp0: SCSI bus reset interupt
>esp0: SCSI bus reset interupt

>and this just loops indefinately. anyone know what this is and how to
>get around it?

I had the same problem last month while i installed slink. My CD-ROM is
a sony (don't remenber the model).
The solution was to add this to the SILO prompt:
SILO: linux max_scsi_luns=1

I hope that this will be your solution too.



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