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Re: Reiserfs?

At 10:54 2000-03-06 +0100, Ottavio Campana wrote:
>Is possible to use reiserfs on a SS10 running debian 2.1?

Sorry but Reiserfs is x86-only for the time being. I think there are some
work in progress for the Alpha but I haven't heard anything about Mips.

Try the ReiserFS mailing list <reiserfs@devlinux.com>, subscribe by sending
a mail to  <reiserfs-subscribe@devlinux.com>. Check out their home page for
more info: http://devlinux.com/projects/reiserfs/content_table.html

I've been running the journaling version of ReiserFS for quite a while and
consider it both efficient and stable.

Joergen Persson
Sysadmin TLTH

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