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Re: Hardware compatibility...

I think they will theoretically run linux, but support for some of the HW
may be sketchy...

>From the FAQ @ ultralinux.org:

11. What about the Sun4 machines ? (Such as 4/330)

 There are quite a few differences with the Sun4 machines vs. the
Sun4c/m/u types, such as MMU, Ethernet chip, disk controller and graphics
cards. In more recent kernels, there is limited support for sun4 (only
4/300 series).

 There has been a mailing list set up for people who are interested in the
Sun4 port. This list does not seem to exist anymore, but RedHat does have
the intention to restore the mailinglist archive in the near future.

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Mike Hebel wrote:

> Does anyone know of a link to the specifications of a Sun 4/330 model 547
> server and will it run Linux of any kind?  I know RH says it's not supported
> but I'm curious to know why and what exactly it it.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Hebel

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