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How to change the X server resolution?

I have a Sun IPX with a "standard" slink installation. For X, I use the
Xsun color server.

I find the standard font dimension in X to be too small. In Debian for 
i386, this can be easily changed by adding  the option "-dpi xxx" to the 
		:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X 
in /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers.

The same does not work under Debian for Sparc. I have also tried to add
the option "-dpi xxx" to the command that starts the Xsun server in 
/etc/X11/Xserver, with no success. In this case, "-dpi 100" does not
change anything, while "-dpi 120" or "-dpi 72" does not allow the server
to start (however, I can restore things from a tty).

I think I could fix the problem by setting a larger font in
$HOME/.Xresouces, but I would prefer to do it at the server level.

I have two further related questions:

1) How can I tell which is the framebuffer on my IPX? As far as I know, it
could be either a CG3 (unaccelerated) or a CG6 (accelerated). But I have
no more information.

2) Installing Xsun24 instead of Xsun could improve the server response
and/or reliability?

Any help???

- Sabino Maggi

Sabino Maggi                     !  tel: (+39) 011-3919-436
IEN "G. Ferraris"                !  fax: (+39) 011-3463-84
Strada delle Cacce, 91           !  e-mail: maggi@ien.it
I-10135 Torino, Italy            !

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