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Re: unstable at high traffic

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 03:22:18AM -0500, Aaron Solochek wrote:
> I have a sparcstation5 running potato, and whenever I have a big file
> transfer or something, I develop lots of defunct network processes. 
> Things like my imap and ssh servers will die, and the system will need
> to be hard rebooted since it can't shutdown properly.  Is this a
> software or hardware problem?  I'm running kernel 2.2.14.

Could be hardware, but I suggest trying the 2.2.15-pre15 kernel first to see
what happens. I have a sparc LX (sun4m aswell) serving anon ftp, and it
generally sees about 50 megs of traffic a day, and can max at about
500k/sec. It's been up for 100 days on kernel 2.2.12.

Have you experienced this with any other kernels (have you tried any other

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